What is IPTV? how to use it? where and when? and many questions we answer for you here.

IPTV is a system based on providing digital television broadcasting service using Internet Protocol (IP) over computer networks, which frequently uses Internet broadband lines.In reality, instead of conventional delivery techniques, the basic distinction between IPTV and traditional TV systems is the use of digital networks to transmit the visual material to the audience.

The IPTV system is different from the Internet TV system as the former uses separate private networks (for example local area networks) while the Internet TV operates on the Internet.

IPTV is often offered to provide video-on-demand service (Video on Demand) in conjunction with the Voice over Internet Service (VoIP) and the ability to access the Internet in what is known as the term triple play IPTV.


It is an acronym for IPTV. Essentially, this is a technology that delivers video or TV broadcasts over the Internet. The television is connected directly to the high band internet router and receives digital signals, direct over the internet instead of receiving video or television during broadcast waves or via satellite cable.

Many analysts say IPTV is the new trend for the future of TV broadcasting. Many broadband operators, telephone, and cable companies report that this service can easily be added.

 What are the advantages?

There are many advantages of existing IPTV or digital TV broadcasts; here are some of them:


Integration can be a great way for many companies to provide many services in one integrated package. For example, DSL or fiber internet providers can easily add IPTV service, some of them in USA are provided for free with a new internet subscription.

Mobile service providers:

Yes, the technology of the fourth generation (4G) enables you to broadcast audio and images as well as the (IPTV) to be able to watch channels, movies, series, and TV programs via your mobile, but unfortunately again, the service is not free and I do not know why the service provider places very few channels that do not exceed twenty channels! Although he can re-broadcast the entire satellite channels!


Interaction is much easier with it for higher performance than usual via satellite,

There will certainly be many innovations on how to better interact with the consumer and TV company.

Some ways of interactive TV are already used to purchase products directly from the TV,

Like buying a device from Amazon, imagine the advertisement pop up in your screen, and with a press of a button, you can order immediately.

Another way that interactive television can be used by a person is to request more information from television on a program while they watch like statistics while watching baseball. Furthermore, there are many ways people can vote or survey while watching their favorite TV. This is just a drop of a sea of ?? potential that IPTV can achieve.

Home network:

Not only the smart TV that can operate the IPTV but all other computers in your home, mobile phones, iPad, and any smart device, which gives you more freedom when watching the channel or program that you want, when and how you want.

Video on demand (VOD):

Video on demand (VOD) is an interactive feature that allows you to request programs like movies, TV shows, and whatever you see fit. For example, you may want to watch boxing in a special HBO that has already occurred. More examples of this service are Netflix, Holo, and Amazon Prime.

vod image


A few years ago, we could only reach this by being recorded on a VCR or DVR. Today, you can easily order the programs you wish to watch over IPTV.

Better compared and analyzed:

IPTV produces a large picture HD and even forks and a lot of options such as interactive programming, networking, integration, etc; But the best pictures can also be provided because of compression. IPTV uses improved compression levels than the current digital television standard (FTA). This means less bandwidth consumption.


Although IPTV’s advantages greatly exceed the downsides, you should be aware of a few drawbacks.

Signal loss:

(IPTV) uses the same internet that you have because of this, it can be interrupted or delayed due to signal loss, all depends on the quality of your internet.

 Information on IPTV technology:

The Iptv approach implies the use of television, video, audio services, and graphics/data delivered through the use of the Internet Protocol IP, and making the most of the infrastructure of the Internet Protocol in broadcasting TV channels and making communications VOIP and enjoy fast internet. There is no doubt that these services need a strong infrastructure and a strong protection system.

IPTV has many advantages:

1. Support for interactive TV:

This feature will not be found easily as the it  includes standard, live TV, HDTV, interactive games and high speeds for internet surfing

2.  Time-shifting:

If there is a program you like to watch and it comes just at the time of your work, don’t worry about it. With IPTV, you can automatically program it to store programs for viewing later.

3.  Personalization:

To support IPTV end-to-end system, you can add your character to your TV so you can decide what you will see and when.

4. Low band requirements:

Some people may be surprised by this because this is real, so the service manager can broadcast channels to the users requesting this channel only.

5.  Accessible on multiple devices:

Yes, you are not restricted to a TV, but you can benefit from IPTV services through a computer, mobile, iPad, Galaxy, Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, or many other options.

Imagine seeing only the news that interests you and deleting or skipping weather and currency news.

Imagine with me that you can skip boring ads like Google ones which are only at the corner of the series.

Imagine watching a soccer match, and you can put a comment on the match, and watch millions of other viewers comment, all this is possible with the (IPTV) and scientists promise us more.

Finally, did you try IPTV?

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