IPTV technology


IPTV SMARTRES services are changing the television industry tremendously now, following HDTV, digital cable, and satellite service.
It has many benefits over standard cable, including high-speed internet connectivity, on-demand content, hundreds of channel options, interactive features, on-screen caller ID as well as many other advantages that conventional cable might not offer.
Internet Protocol TV services can be categorized as live TV and live television, with or without similar interactivity; time-shifting television, e.g. catch-up TV (replays a TV show broadcast hours or days ago), start-over TV (replays the existing TV show from the start); and video-on-demand (VOD) that involves searching and displaying media catalog items.
Since a client submits a query for a particular show or video, the content is delivered through Internet protocol instead of cable or satellite to him/her.

If you are interested in the latest digital technologies or if you already have VoIP provider for your telephone service, you might want to consider IPTV SMARTRES as an alternative to a conventional satellite operator or cable network to get an enhanced quality, better customization, and many other advantages.
IPTV also offers people the power to build a private network with digital quality television entertainment and content, without the glitches and buffering issues with streaming videos and web-based television.


If you’re still wasting your money on cable packages, limited streaming services or watching low-quality shows from illegal
streaming websites online, then get ready to be pleasantly surprised by what our IPTV service will be offering you.
Unlike fraudulent online streaming services offering low-quality TV shows and movies, our servers feature the highest level of streaming quality with crystal clear images and velvety audio.
IPTV SMARTRES is pleased to introduce to our clients the best quality and reliability of live television, which include HD, FULL HD, and even 4 K channels from all over the world. Our IPTV Subscription Service is changing the way you watch TV, offering you unlimited access to all TV-shows, Series, channels, and movies you want at a price you’ll love!
Our IPTV services uses your current web association with several channels that you can enjoy financially!
Take into account the number of channels that are offered, the video-on-demand feature, 4 K video quality, and exceptional customer service when buying IPTV.

IPTV SMARTRES On VIP subscription packages, including a choice of 5 premium channels such as HBO & Showtime, Sports Entertainment catalog, internet-based Recommended Network, and international channels-extra monthly charge.
So enjoy: From the moment you subscribe with Our Service, you can take advantage of over +7000 direct TV channels on your different devices; Laptop, Television, mobile, PC, Tablet … Never pay again for another monthly cable or satellite-TV subscription fee!!
Our IPTV ( PROSMART IPTV) provider serves you with an extensive selection of over7000+ Live TV Channels, and more than 20000 movies and series (VOD)  from around the world.

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